Nathalie Nebula

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Known for her dynamic aerial work, Nebula can liven up any event with her specialized choreography or her mesmerizing ambient improvisation. Nebula has performed at all types of events, from private birthday parties, to elegant corporate soirees, to large scale festivals and concerts. Take your next event to new heights with Nebula's entrancing flight!



Growing up in the competitive world of figure skating, Nathalie Nebula has been involved in dancing since the young age of 4. Classically trained as a ballerina, her dance career took a turn when she started studying world dances at her university. She became enthralled with modern dance, Middle Eastern belly dance and Raqs Sharqi, African dance, hip hop and popping, and acrobatics. While still maintaining her classical roots she draws inspiration from all of these styles and fuses them into her own unique flow. Since then Nebula’s noteworthy style has taken her all over the world, performing at huge festivals, collaborating with world renowned artists, entertaining at birthday parties, and much more. Nebula’s performance can be morphed to fit any theme, from sultry traditional belly dance, to estatic clowning, and dramatic contemporary lyrical choreography. Ask Nebula about how her performance can be designed to enhance your next event!



As a young figure skater, Nathalie Nebula developed a passion for sharing her art with others, starting as a teacher’s assistant when she was just 9 years old. Over the years she has led countless workshops in dance and flexibility. When she fell in love world of aerials she trained rigorously until she became the co-director and instructor at Humboldt Aerial Collective, an aerial studio nestled in the redwoods of Northern California. There she co-directed 2 full length circus shows, coaching kids and adults alike to achieve their highest level of performance.
Now located in Palo Alto, CA, Nebula is available for private or group instruction for dancers and aerialists of all levels and ages at her private practice at True Movement Studios.
With every session Nebula will specifically design programs to fit students’ personal goals, whether it be aerial, choreography, strength & flexibility training, musicality, and more! Ask Nebula how she can help you achieve your wildest goals!